Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

Three years is a long time in product development, when you know you're developing what will be the best rim protection and styling product available.

Rimsavers Pro are made from a super tough Polyurethane that has just enough elasticity in it to stretch tightly around the edge of the alloy wheel. In order to achieve this, a tyre fitting machine is required in order to push the tyre back away from the wheel basically breaking the seal between the wheel and the tyre. For this reason, the Rimsavers Pro can only be fitted by industry professionals with the right equipment and they are not suitable for DIY installation like the ordinary Rimsavers. 

Most of the Rimsavers Pro material is then sandwiched between the wheel and tyre as they have a ribbed tail section. The tyre is then inflated trapping the tail section firmly between it and the wheel surface. Due to the tight fitment, the Rimsavers Pro do not slip out during inflation. Once inflated, a portion of the Rimsavers Pro will be curved over the top edge of the wheel and around onto the face of the wheel leaving a visible protective part exposed. 

RimSavers Pro are size specific. They are manufactured to order for TRADE CUSTOMERS only. For DIY customers, please purchase Rimsavers not Rimsavers Pro. 

Rimsavers Pro are a patented product manufactured by us in our UK factory.